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London, England


5 foot 9 cm


50kg Kg

I am a well educated well known former fitness model/stripper/high flying business woman, but today I am a lady of leisure.
My journey in the world of webcam has been incredible and I have been able to indulge in many, many fantasies. I have finally found an outlet for my sexuality and I could not be happier. I have risen through the ranks to be one of several webcam sites top performers and have been able to live the rock star or should that be porn star life I have always wanted. Orgy on a yacht in Monaco, Celebrity sex parties in LA, A BDSM dungeon in Dubai, webcamming from a private jet (seriously how did they even get wifi lol). I have put on so many naughty shows that I can't even begin to recollect and I have loved every minute of it.

I am that typical Louboutin wearing, jewellery encrusted, designer watch showing slut that you see walking down the street once in a blue moon and think to yourself I bet she's stuck up but incredible in bed. Well only one of those things is true. I'll give you a clue...I'm not stuck up ;)

I am a true performer and absolutely love webcamming, My laptop, webcam and lighting are the best possible so that your experience is the best it could be. I also have a very sexy but posh voice that needs to be heard so my mic is at your disposal, as am I.


I am the very definition of financial Dominatrix. There are so many woman out there who simply throw around the word thinking its an easy way to make a quick buck. Very few understand the dynamics between a financial slave and a financial master. I do.

That euphoric feeling that you get knowing that somewhere out there my feet are being enveloped by £700 Christian louboutin heels that you paid for is, for many, better than sex. I understand your submissive desire perhaps better than you. I deserved to be nurtured by a real man, if that's you I will be waiting.

'Pay piggy', 'Financial slave', 'Walking ATM', Very, very powerful words said by the right woman but said by the wrong one too many times. I have earned the right to drain your wallet. All those other little princesses' looking for an easy way out, saying a few words they heard a real domme say to convince you to part with your money, don't be their fool, be mine.

I know what you crave, I understand your illness, let me heal you. That unscratchable itch that you have to 'spend, spend, spend',

When it comes to webcam I am literally the queen of cam, come and see me fulfil your needs. It can get real filthy over here. I even have a regular stunt cock AND pussy who I use, Watch me call them on cam and lets just say in 5 minute my mouth will be filled and my tongue will be wagging

I have had a remarkable journey on webcam starting out only 9 months ago as a relative novice and now I am undoubtedly one of three different sites top performers and I have to say i absolutely love it.

I love talking filthy, pushing boundaries and generally being an out and out exhibitionist. However the majority of my feedback seems to be that i am genuine and down to earth. During our session it is about you, i am not bored or just 'doing' this, this is our time and you will have my undivided attention.

I have every possible outfit and toy you could imagine and I know exactly what to do with them. I love dressing up and putting on a show. As a former burlesque dancer and stripper, I know how to move and your imagination will run wild with debaucherous thoughts when you see my body writhe around like the true professional that I am . Every thing i do is real, i don't fake, i don't need to as i am generally turned on at the thought of being watched.

Did I mention I am a full time Dominatrix? Behind my fashion model looks there is a darkness begging to come out. It hides behind a cheeky smile, a seductive glance and a confident walk but occasionally, I let it out to play.

I am a mistress that knows, understands and above all urges your depraved submissive desires to be recognised.

I find it funny that many of us are both hiding in plain sight, many men most likely as the successful confident always-right-control-freak businessman/corporate big wig, and me as the vulnerable damsel in distress hoping to be saved. We can fool all but ourselves.

Let me be your escape, come into my tender storm and feel my brutish yet affectionate ways. I will embody the strict school teacher that provides the tough love that you so desperately need, or the terrifying mother figure who always has your best interests at heart.

A true dominatrix has that rare ability to provide pleasure through pain, affection through humiliation, warmth through neglect. I am that rare breed and that is why so many are willing to pay for the privilege of a session with Goddess O'day


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