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bigtits, ass, blowjob, roleplay, boobs, heels, milf, bigboobs, domination, feet, bigass, latina, joi, cei, redhead, cum, mistress, sph, blackmail, handy, skyprivatepro

About me:

Emmelyne!You already know my name because you are screaming it with pleasure while our bodies fit together like we were made just for this. I will satisfy your mind and your body in a way you would never believe will be possible. Your accent makes me vibrate thinking at our wildest moments, secret passions, and lustful desires.

Things I Like:

I love the way I am. Sensual and playful... that's why I'm gonna drive you crazy, then stop, then do it all over again until you beg me to finish this. I'm just gonna do every naughty things to you until your mind and body explode.
** I love to give pleasure and receive more pleasure, I am a real queen who knows very well what needs to be satisfied! Just listen,join and let's make it all happen.Every wishper and tender touch will bring you reall achievements that not all can have ! I can be all you want, I can be all I want to be. I know how to make a man feel unique with me...if you are a man that wants real pleasure, I am here for giving you all!!

I don't like when you're so excited for something but then it ends all up quick!

I can Offer:

    *You love that cleavage don't you? You will do anything for my big tits, wouldn't you? I thought so. But want to test this theory. So begin stroking...stroke your cock, wank it off, you are a pro at this, you do this for me every day. Today is gonna be a bit different though. Today when you finish, you are gonna finish in your hand and you are gonna bring it up to your mouth and lick it up... It is the only way I believe you actually will do anything for me

  • Strap-On Play
    *Men with small penises aren't real men. They are pathetic losers incapable of providing sexual pleasure. They deserve only scorn, ridicule, and solitary sex life of masturbation fueled by humiliation.
  • Cuckold (Fantasy)
    *Oh , admit it cucky! You love seeing me go out clubbing in my little dresses without underwear. It turns you because you know I'll get fucked and you'll be able to clean me up!!
  • Foot Domination & Worship
    *Heeeey slave... I have to be honest, I had a very busy day and I'm really tired, so please just be quiet and be nice to your Goddess. I hope you know how to cheer me up, otherwise, I wouldn't have taken off my socks...kiss, lick, and worship!!!
  • Body Worship
    *You know what you need do to, don't let me wait too much!
  • Ass Worship
    *You need instructions? Just spread my pretty cheeks, press your face between them, and work that tongue into...so deep, now!!
  • Stripping
    *Just sit and watching my all body how to dance sensual and sexy for you, I love touching myself when all my clothes down on the floor!!!
  • Oral
    *She peels off the skin of his tip, just like she peeled ff the darkness in his life. Just by the first touch of her lips on his tip. Feeling the excited in his veins making his rod hard as his conditions. Holding him and his very tight,taling all his inch in her mouth. She loved it when he moaned her name...
  • Humiliation
    *How does a small dicked loser like you even dare to speak to a hot girl like me??? But ok, if you do my homework for the rest of the year I'll let you sniff my panties while I wear then...but only once a week!!!
  • Tease
    *Tease her and let your hands and lips wander all over her body until she's dripping with wetness!!

& MUCH more than this..but you can let me know anytime if you have something in mind!

Seduction is and will be my favorite game, that's why when you will be around here you will know for sure l am that chosen one who will twist every thought and that all mind of yours!!!


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2 days ago

A Beauty

1 week ago

Makes me happy and hard

1 month ago

So fucking hot as always, best on the site

2 months ago

Emme is the best

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