About Queen Aston Last seen 1 year ago





New York , United States


5'6'' cm


145 Kg

I am Queen Aston. New York City's cruel dominatrix, beautiful fetishist, wicked sadist, and divine humiliatrix. I am not nice. I will give you the abuse you truly crave. Drain your wallet, mind fuck you into submission and many other terrors which your depraved soul needs. June Cleaver leaves a lot to be desired in a woman. That is why you cheat on your wife with me.

I am the only one who understands you. The only one you can share your secrets with. The rest of the world would abandon you, if they knew what a sick puppy you truly are. It's a sad but true reality. You need me. Life isn't fair (not that I care.) The only value you have in my life is your wallet. It's your sole purpose of existence.

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