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femdom, joi, cei, bdsm, sissy, mistress, slave, cbt, footfetish, training, chastity, domina, blackmail, sub, pain, financial, cim, caging, 247, findome
New ritual was casted.. a mix of black spider soul and cruel spirits with a lot of feet and lips scent and a huge list of fetishes...
Time to feel the spell I casted over you... the ritual has begun... Eating your energy just for the sake of feeling as a black widow spider...
Moving my thoughts right deep down into your brain and so, my control over you will be complete and forever.. because iwill haunt your dreams and you will never be able to do anything without, at least, hear me....
You crave for my control... you need it badly... you are addicted to it.....you beg to receive your details and to evaluate your situation.....
You work just for my pleasure. Everything you have into your wallet is mine and you are happy to make me smile.
You love to be financially used, to consent to give me your details so that your life will never be the same...Using and abusing you is such a sweet thing for me... And controlling you completely, total power exchange while I use all the needed procedures...... You will never know when I call your wife or your boss... just for the sake of your fear. Love to see you afraid, to make you shiver and ready to run and hide... Ha ha ha... hiding of yourself... because everything you like is something that disturbs all the others around you - neighbours, wife, work colleagues, parents, etc...
Kneel down to find out how I will humiliate you, how I will make you crawl near my feet.. kissing the ground I am stepping on, licking the shoes I wear, doing anything I like just because you live to see me happy. My world is what you need... so dare to take the first step....
I keep the key of your chastity device. You are weak in front of me... you need me, you can't live without my voice telling you what is your next task...
I always liked to drain the power from a man who is not knowing what to do with it while in private moments.... Love to see the amazed eyes of that sub feeling he is giving me all his power because this is what he knows to be his best option.
Never daring to do something else... always ready to act accordingly to what I tell him to do….
Close your eyes, hear my voice.... I am now going deep, very deep down into your mind.... Touching your psychological needs.... filling the gap you keep into your heart....
Then you can see me.... Look into my eyes.... Let me watch you while you do what I told you...
There are no boundaries, no taboos.... nothing can stop us... sky is the limit... let's fly towards my satisfaction... I am The Supreme Domina Being, you mean nothing without me.... Do you understand that?
Feel the thrill and the magic.. close your eyes... feel the magic right now... right now
Get a condom, I'm about to fuck your feelings :) And, guess what? You will simply love it :P
Feel like the next in line to wear a collar? Then you are allowed to approach...
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