About MistressCruel

Barcelona, Spain
Sexual orientation
Breast size
160 cm
45 Kg
legs, feet, findom, joi, cei, latex, cbt, highheels, nylon, humiliation, asian, fishnet, catsuit, pvc, gloves, intox, sadist, medical, cb, dominarix

NON SEXUAL!!!!!!!!!!


**You can be only a slave for Her and nothing but a slave. That means that you will treat Her with respect, it means that you are here to listen and obey. You are here to serve Her, to fullfill all Her orders.

During the session you are not allowed to do anything without asking Her permission first and receiving this permission.

Once after you step into BDSM room you body, mind, thoughts , needs and desires become all Her. She will decide what you are gonna take and how much you are gonna take. Also how we are gonna go. Or when you can take a break and do you need one. You are there as my toy and She will enjoy the game as much as She wants.

She can give you an incredible amount of pain and pleasure. What it is gonna be its up to you. She will give you some orders during the session, if you can fullfill them She rewards you. If you fail, if you disapoint Her, if you disrecpect Her, She will punish you. Its easy.

She likes to play variety games to find where your bondaries are. Once after She find them, She would like to cross them all. To break your mind, using your body.**


Let yourself be enraptured by the smallest most perfect feet. A size 35. Mistress’ feet are tiny and delicate and true objects of worship. With an extensive collection of shoes and boots, and always happy to be gifted more, get on your knees and serve your Mistress as She gazes at you with Her deep dark eyes.


Is pain what really gets you off? Let an Expert of male anatomy take hold of your most precious parts and squeeze, pinch, stretch, slap, electrocute, bind them and much more. Give your Jewels to Mistress and see what she does with them. Mistress Olga can deliver an experience with or without leaving marks. Just let Her know beforehand which you prefer.


What greater joy than to be smothered under my arse? Face deep in its voluptuousness, let all your worries melt away... Until you realise that Mistress might never allow you to breathe again.


So you want to cum my dirty wanker? How about a second time? And again? And again? And again, until tears stream down your cheeks and nothing comes out of your cock? (Get milked by the LovenseMax, milking machine for men). Get it and let me control all of your orgasms.


Oh no! Is masturbation taking control of your life? Are you a shameless little fucker who can’t resist the call of his cock? Come and get a cage fitted. Let Mistress hold the key to your precious organs and release them when She sees fit. If you’ve been a very good boy, She might even let you cum before slipping it back on.


As a smoker, Mistress Olga holds a cigarette in the most delicate way. Admire Her smoking, breathe in Her exhalations, or serve as Her ashtray.


Pain? Pleasure? Tickles? Why don’t you let yourself be tied down and have one of your most sensitive parts put through its paces by Mistress Olga


Some men don’t deserve to be men. Are you a little wimp who deserves to be paraded in a frilly dress, and maybe get a caning?


In today's world, money is everything, isn't it? To be saved up for a cloudy day, or spent wisely.

But what about that dirty little secret of yours? You want to hand over the control of your finances to a Woman.

It goes against all the rules doesn't it? But it feels so terribly thrilling to give up control.

Be it to have the money squeezed out of you through threats or to hand it over in chunks to a stranger who could not care less... It is something that, when the desire for it boils up inside of you, becomes inescapable.

There are several ways in which Mistress Olga can dominate you.

-You can buy Her gifts to ensure that She lacks nothing. It can be a real treat for you to buy Mistress something beautiful and see Her wear it or use it, and maybe catch Her attention for a short while. You can treat Her like a princess and get Her everything that She desires. Follow Her around and pay for everything while She leaves you out in the rain.

-You can send Mistress Olga a monetary tribute. You will need to beg and grovel first though. But, if you look pathetic enough, She might just relent and allow you to send over your money. She will then, of course, ignore you and expect more of you. And tease you every so often with the promise of maybe, if you spend enough, allowing you to be Her little loser in person. Wouldn't that be nice? You can keep dreaming. https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/2DK1REIYAJL7N/ref=navwishlistlists1?encoding=UTF8&type=wishlist

Do not add Her on Skype to ask questions if you aren't planning on booking a show right after. She does not offer extensive pre-show consultations (One question is fine). You are buying a cam show, not a house. Make up your mind or move on! If you message Her and do not pay within 5 mins She will block you.


Mistress Olga expects you have been a good student at school: 

30 mins session = $120 (30*4)

60 mins session = $240  (60*4) 

1.5 hour session = $360 (90*4)

10 mins quickie =$80 (10*8)

All sessions shorter than 30 mins - $8 per a min

For guys with low rating ($5-15 average - prepay only from my price list)

Features: Logitech 920Pro (HD) * 2 cameras. So you can see 2 parts of your superior alpha woman at the same time.


> HARD LIMITS: You can dream about Mistress Olga being naked, but you will never see her nude. Pedophelia, ageplay, copro, zoo, inces and of course you cannot ask Her for change the role. Mistress Olga is a Dom. You found Her on Skyprivate, so pay directly on Skyprivate. Dont ask Her for another methods, Shell block you immediately.

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