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Athens, Greece


55 cm


165 Kg

Exotic, curvy and so naughty! When you call me in the morning while you’re loading your truck, I can hear your buddies in the background. I hear you calling out instructions to them. But honey, you know what your voice does to me. I know you’re just calling to tell me good morning but what do you expect me to do when I’ve just awoken from dreams of you? Sexy, nasty, wet dreams! So yes, I tell you exactly what happened in the dreams as I finger my wet pussy and I cum for you even though I hear the anguish in your voice when you tell me, “You’re killing me! My dick is so hard for you! I’m gripping the trailer so hard I’m going to break the fucking thing!” Okay, sweetheart, okay… just ONE more and I’ll wait until you’re alone!!

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