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cali, Colombia

Sexual orientation










Breast size



165 cm


60 Kg





anal, deepthroat, roleplay, fetish, dirty, dominatrix, cuckold, femdom, bigass, latina, joi, cei, mistress, sph, slave, nolimits, fisting, humilliation, transgender, sassy

❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤ - ❤

I enjoy intense, passionate sex, but I always start with giving an exceptional blowjob. There's something incredibly satisfying about building up the heat and intensity before proceeding gently and gradually increasing the pace.

As a transgender woman, I'm extremely attentive to your needs and desires. Whether you're looking for an engaging conversation or mind-blowing sex, I'm here to provide whatever you're seeking. I believe in being open about my life experiences, as I don't see any harm in sharing.

When you're with me, you'll receive unparalleled attention and care. I aim to make you feel cherished and satisfied, as if you're the center of the universe. If given the opportunity, I'll ensure you experience immense pleasure and fulfillment.

By the way, I'm also learning English, and I'd love to practice with you. I consider myself to be quite intelligent and eager to improve. Let's learn together and enjoy stimulating conversations!


  • No free previews !! You must be very clear about that!
  • I am a verified model, all you see in my photos I am the same passionate girl that you will find in my show.
  • I don´t admit to being rude with me because I will be the best woman with you (of course, if it is a role play I will allow you everything you want)
  • I love being submissive since I also like being love. I am an open girl, whatever happens to your mind what I will do.
  • If you want a special video for you where you would choose every detail just write me and I will have it ready exclusively for you
  • If you make a prepay for a show, but you end the call before the time is complete, the show is over, no minutes will be added for other call
  • If you send a prepay without a previous agreement I will take it as a gift
  • If you start a show with me I assume that you already read this


  • No vistas gratis, tienes que tenerlo muy claro
  • Soy una modelo verificada, todo lo que ves en mis fotos es la misma pasión que encontrarás en un show conmigo.
  • No permito que seas irrespetuoso conmigo, porque yo seré la mejor persona para ti (Por supuesto si es parte de un show rudo, voy a aceptar los tratos que me des)
  • Amo ser una mujer sumisa pero también debo ser una mujer amada. Soy una persona de mente abierta, dime los deseos que tienes en tu mente
  • Si quieres algun video personalizado debes decirme todos los detalles, el tiempo y lo que quieres que haga, así yo podré darte un video totalmente exclusivo
  • Si tu haces un prepago pero cuelgas la llamada antes de que el tiempo se termine, el show ha terminado. Los minutos restantes no serán agregados a otra llamada.
  • Si tu envias un prepago sin un acuerdo previo lo tomaré como un regalo
  • Si empiezas un show conmigo yo asumiré que ya leíste mis reglas.
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2 months ago

Amber DanGerGirl replied: I love the session! Do us a favor and be back soon, I'll be very compliant!!

2 months ago

Amber DanGerGirl replied: Thanks for your rate I really appreciate it, hope to see you soon

2 months ago

Hot girl, lots of fun see you again soon

Amber DanGerGirl replied: Thanks love! I enjoyed it very much, I hope we can do it again. See you again. <3

3 months ago

She's really nice... good for some roleplay too.

5 months ago

She was amazing! :)

6 months ago

Amazing fun. Loved every minute

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