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Dream Town, United States
Sexual orientation
Breast size
165 cm
50 Kg
ass, striptease, sexy, legs, heels, teen, pantyhose, smoking, show, stockings, footfetish, blonde, tits, tease, outfits, tights, boobies, lizzie

❀ Who is LizzieGrey ❀ (✿◠‿◠)

**I am young, flawless, happy, chatty and I hope, really sexy! I like sports, music, reading and sex of course! :) I feel blessed to be here, because I can meet new friends and have fun together...I study to be a nurse sometime, so if you need any help, in any way, just let me know, I give a hell of a CPR! :) Do not trust my angel face, I do have some dark thoughts as well. I may look young, but my mind is deep, full of fantasies and secrets. I am gifted with a body meant to be adored and a mind meant to put a spell on you!

❀ Let me tell you why I am here ❀ (✿◠‿◠)

**I am here to make your dreams come true. Just open yourself to me and tell me something that you’ve never told before. I want to be your confident, your secret passion, your lover, your reason to sin.


**Something for when you miss me! Or if you want to see me taking a hot steamy shower , making my coffee in the morning wearing just my panties , anything your heart desires and I am able to give it to you , have no doubt I will! You just have to let me know what kind of video you want me to make specially for you and I will:)

♡❀♡About what I like ❣♡❀♡

** I like spending time with people that have something to say. I like being said nice words, being spoiled, being caressed, I want to feel loved...I think that's everyone's goal, isn't it? I also like getting a little dirty from time to time, if you're in for a treat, I won't say no! In fact, I won't say no to anything if you know how to ask for it! I am here to explore….more of me, more of you! Conquer my mind, burn the flame of my desire, find out my secret fantasies and I will forget about my shyness and give you a different kind of experience.

♡❀♡ About what I dislike ❣♡❀♡

** I am a nice person, so that's what i expect in return! Be a gentleman, and you will never regret it! There aren’t many things that turn me off. I just don’t like rude people. I am a [b]sensitive woman[/b]. I need to be loved and caressed, not disrespected. I always think that you are willing to discover me and you will not take me for granted, we will have the best moments together... I am well-educated and have many things to say or show you, I expect the same from you and we will get along perfectly! Act like you want to be treated and we will be great together!

♡❀♡ Secret pleasures ♡❀♡

*Sissy/Cross dressing – Well, come to me darling and I will teach you how to act, how to walk, how to smoke and how to fuck. Be a good girl, let me push your limits and educate you. I promise it will be the change of your life.
*Jerk off instructions (JOI) – I will teach you how to touch yourself. Focus on my voice, do exactly as I do, and you will get a happy end.
*CBT – What is prettier than a pair of blue balls? Tighten it, get it in the rope, pull, and moan. Down on your knees? Does it hurt? Good, bring the wax, I have some new ideas.
*Tease and denial – Seriously now, do you see how big my ass is? Imagine me teasing you, can you imagine me pushing you to your orgasm and just stop you there? And do it again and again?
*Cuckolding – I am a hot wife, and you know it. I love torturing you with the nasty things I will do for the other one. His touches, his power, his hands pulling my hair, while your standing there crying with your card in one hand and the limp cock in your other hand…Lovely picture? For me, yes!
*Fantasies – give me your hand, close your eyes and breathe the air around me. Inhale me, let me open the door to new experiences, let me share you my darkest secrets, the most intimate of them. Are you feeling me? The whispers, the hugs, the naughty smile!! Focus on my voice and let me take you away!

♡❀♡ What you can expect from my show ♡❀♡

If only I could type as fast as I am thinking... I have a mind full of stories and fantasies that will keep you captivated.
*** Outfit changes

  • Heels, Socks, Panties,
  • Strip-tease and More Tease,
  • JOI, Ignoring,
  • Dance,
  • Smoking,
  • Role Plays,
  • Girlfriend Experience,
  • Lingerie, Dresses, Bikinis, Pantyhose,
    If there’s something else you’d like to try, please tell me to avoid any misunderstanding and frustration ;)

♡❤ My Humble Rules ❤♡

  • ✓No Paypal, No free previews, no rude attitude.

  • ✓No Freeloaders or Time Wasters please

  • ✓Don’t ask to check if I’m real, all the content material on my profile is mine, I’m a verified Model!

♡❀♡ ⌚ My Schedule ♡❀♡

GMT +2: Most Days from 7 AM to 15:00 PM

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♡♡♡❣ I wish you a lovely day ♡♡♡❣ (✿ ♥‿♥)


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