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Southern California, United States
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170 cm
83 Kg
roleplay, roleplay, toys, fetish, milf, taboo, bigboobs, hairy, feet, bbw, fun, stockings, natural, lingerie, thick, cougar, satin, corset, intelligent, gilf, melons


$3.99 Such a deal!
You can also find me regularly camming on a 'Mega-Site' where I stay very busy in exclusive, one-on-one sessions costing $6.99 per minute. Here on Skyprivate you're saving $3 per minute . You'll be enjoying a Porsche for the cost of a Toyota =)

Are you concerned whether I'm worth that kind of dough?
$6.99 there v.s. $3.99 here via Skype. I invite you to read the 23 pages of testimonial comments from my 7 years of experience on that 'Mega-Site': http://LiveNaughtyGirls.com/cam/JoyLovewell/

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And now, back to our regularly scheduled profile information =)


Mature, curvy (thick =) Southern California cougar; 5'7", 180 lbs; beautiful 38DD NATURAL breasts

Gracious & conversational, quick witted & charming.
Well traveled, adventuresome; curious & accommodating.
I love to tease & please!
Open-minded, ready to explore your fantasies, or share mine with you.

Beautiful mature angel goddess
Expert Roleplay.
Share with me your fetish or fantasy, I'm certain I can accommodate it.
Kink & BDSM, I'm a natural sub, but switch to benevolent dominating Mistress

You don't need to install any software to use the Skyprivate platform.
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> Once you've added at least $1 to the site you'll have access to my Skype account
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> I ONLY ACCEPT pay-per-minute transactions, no prepaid sessions ever accepted!
> Use your credit or debit card
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> Contact me on Skype, tell me what your specific requests are, and we'll discuss how to make that happen

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Body part fetishes:
Lovely soft sexy feet, long suckable toes spread wide, red 'pin-up girl' polish
legs, tummy, navel, breast, ass worship; mouth, tongue, dental/teeth
Very pale translucent Scandinavian skin
Sweet furry blonde pussy

Massive clothing collection:
Satin, leather, fur, PVC
Boots, Shoes, Heels
Socks, stockings, garter belt, hosiery
Costumes, clothing, lingerie, panties, thongs
Corset & cincher
Wigs, hats, gloves, glasses & scarves.
Burlesque pasties & feather boa; or stripper club wear

Gas mask, strap-on, clamps & medical supplies
Foods, whipped cream, bubble gum.... just to name a few!

Don't be shy, ask!

Want to know when I'm on cam, being naughty?
Follow me on Twitter @JoyLovewell

I look forward to being naughty with you soon =)

UPDATE: "Schedule A Show" Calendar bookings are no longer being accepted

Until further notice, the Skyprivate Calendar has now been relegated to an informational guideline of when you may find me online & available for shows.

Due to ongoing lack of consideration by fellow members who book and then don't show-up, I am NO LONGER ACCEPTING ADVANCE BOOKINGS THROUGH THE SKYPRIVATE CALENDAR. If you book it, it WILL NOT BE ACKNOWLEDGED through the calendar

Instead, sign-in and contact me directly through my Skype account. By doing so through a Skype conversation with you I can better understand your desires and expectations for our session together. I firmly believe this will give YOU a better experience.

Thank you, for understanding.

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