If you're looking for something special

The SkyPrivate Models Are YOUR TYPE Because…

Because, when you’re looking for live cam models to live out your kinky fantasies with, what you’re actually looking for are:

  • drop-dead gorgeous, uninhibited babes with conveniently perverted and kinky minds

  • who’re into the same kinks and fetishes that you are

  • whom you get to take private and get really close to (you don’t just want to watch them perform for you: you want to participate in the hot 1-on-1 session)


Then there you have your reasons why SkyPrivate models are your “type”. They meet your high expectations just perfectly.

You get to pick your type of babe – perfect body, open-minded, with the right menu of fetishes that she’s into or would like to start exploring – AND have her all to yourself.

That is, you get to take her to “your place” on Skype/Discord.

Skype Cam Models – Because You’re Craving Intimacy

One of the best things about enjoying steamy private sessions with SkyPrivate models is the fact that you get to have them ALL TO YOURSELF on Skype. Or on Discord.

And it’s not often that you get to have a sexy bombshell – who’s into precisely THOSE kinks that you’re into and who’s ready to bring to life your wildest fantasies LIVE – all to yourself, on Skype

A sexy bombshell that you feel comfortable and so at ease to share the most specific and nastiest details of your hot scenarios with.

It’s like taking her to your (virtual) place and living out all those fantasies you’ve been dying to share and experience with an uninhibited hottie like her.

It doesn’t get any more personal and… hotter than this.

Live Cam Models – Because You Want to Indulge in Your Fantasies LIVE, in Real-Time

Here’s a question for you:

  • Would you opt for living out your kinky fantasies in real-time, right then and there, on Skype/Discord, with your favorite SkyPrivate models?

  • Or would you prefer to just… watch pre recorded shows performed according to your indications?

That’s right…

When going LIVE with those Skype cam models that meet your highest standards and that you feel most comfortable (and most aroused) with, you feel much closer to them.

It feels much more real, much more exciting.

And you do want to be a participant in your own hot scenario, not just a… viewer, right?

You want to be able to “direct” the Skype show your live cam model of choice is putting on for you… not just to consume some pre-recorded, generic show, right?

Perfect! You’re in the right place then: just pick your live cam model and… go LIVE with her on Skype/Discord!