About MistressNylons

Sexual orientation
Breast size
171 cm
53 Kg
fetish, longlegs, femdom, findom, bdsm, stockings, leather, nylons, redsoles
I enjoy making men feel weak with my nylon legs and high heels. I am a fine (shoe) art collector so that means that I have an impressive collection of boots, shoes, sandals to choose from.

I'm a Sex Goddess that loves to have men at her feet. Kneel, and worship my nylon legs,my sexy body in the sexiest yet classiest clothes.I might tease you if you're lucky...but I will definitely deny you!

I'm gonna use you and abuse you slave. I know you well, I know how weak you get just by watching my long legs and heels. The truth is you belong at my feet, worshiping my thigh leather boots, licking them clean...

I know you want to be a good boy and do the right thing a good boy does, and pay, because I deserve it, and because you're a pathetic lil pet. You'll pay to be able to watch my long beautiful nylon legs, you'll pay to be at my feet. Because you're pathetic, and you can't even stroke without being allowed.

I will tease you until you will beg me to stop!!

You`ll fall on your knees and beg me to allow you to cum.Maybe I will.Maybe I won`t. But you have to pay to find out.
You will pay me to, make fun of your small clit. How pathetic is that? As pathetic as you are!
Make your Mistress happy and give her a good reason to laugh, take out your small clit so I can have the laugh of the century.

Sissies, come to your Mistress, ask me fashion advice, I will make you look sluttier.

Pay to get fucked in your ass by my big strap on, pay to get humiliated, blackmailed, used and abused by Me! I get so turned on seeing you powerless, bending over and giving me your cherry to ride.

I also enjoy ruining orgasms, anal training you, cuckolding ,roleplaying, sissification, feminization, making you bi, cbt, spanking, leather outfits, financial domination and so much more!

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