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curvy, dildo, bdsm, spanking, bondage, submissive, control, magicwand, ds, dildoplay, dildofucking, lushcontrol, fuckingmachine, orgasmcontrol, spreaderbar
I am a submissive 33 year old woman who likes to be told what to do, and loves to give a show ;)
But don't expect me to just automatically act submissively- submissive behavior is given, not demanded.

And please, please, only contact me if you know exactly what you want to see- I am not going to attempt to read your mind and try to please you without knowing what it is you want. That leaves both parties disgruntled and unsatisfied. I would rather you approach me with exactly what you want to see when we talk shop.

In short, I offer the following: [full toy list below]
Toy Control: hismith fuck machine, lovense lush, lovense flexer, we vibe melt, lovense domi wand.
Bondage/ kinky:restraints- from household items to official kink items: rope and bandana, cuffs, spreader bar, collar, gags, orgasm control belt, chastity belt, ect.
Impact Play: cane, crop, paddle, rubber bands, kitchen tools (lol), ect.

Ask me about your perfect scenario and I'll put it together for you- your pleasure is my gain
One scenario: I kneel in lingerie, dildo posed to enter, waiting on your command to ride until you say stop, vibrator controlled by you held to be clit. OR I bend over my ottoman, strapped with my arms outstretched, legs apart, sitting back against a dildo suctioned to the wall, orgasm belt on with wand posed for your control.
Toys I own: lush controllable vibrator, master series inflatable dildo, domi wand vibrator, magic wand, six inch suction cup dildo, 8in flesh colored dildo, Doc johnson dildo, black 10.5 in dual density 2.75 in diameter suction cup, Dr skin 9.5 in length dildo 2.5 in diameter with suction cup , rabbit vibrator, penis gag, wrists and ankle cuff set, under the bed restraint set, rubber handcuffs, collars. See full list below.
If you have a particular toy you've always wanted to see someone use, I am not opposed to amazon-wish listing it and getting it so you can watch me play with it!

My Toys
- To Wear:
- collar with three o rings, set of ankle and wrist shackles with clips, bitch collar
- a lockable dildo gag, breathable ball gag, silicone bite gag
- a cute silver costume corset, flowery design fishnets, silicone handcuffs, some lace panties, crotchless panties
- orgasm control belt, and lockable chastity belt
- Kegels
- snake bite nipple suckers
- Clit and nipple twisting suckers
- Two silicone anal plugs, one ribbed one smooth
- One silver anal plug with jewel
- Vibrators
- One panty vibrator (Moxie by we vibe), one domi (lovense), lush 2 (lovense),
- Magic wand (not as powerful as domi)
- We vibe melt- pulsator
- Kinky impact play
- Paddle, cane, riding crop
- Dildos/insertables
- Inflatable dildo,
- thrusting dildo,
- suction cup dildo, one straight narrow plain dildo, one fantasy ribbed
- Inflatable stimulator (called anal stimulator but would be used for pussy mostly)
- thrusting ‘joy stick’ wearable(Lovers),
- g spot clitoral stimulating vibe (Swan)
- Sonic G pulsator (Fun Factory),
- expander, silicone (sold for anal, used vaginally)
- Furniture
- Banging bench sex stool
- Fucking Macine: Hismith

As of 9/23
- Doc johnson dildo, black, 10.5 in dual density 2.75 in diameter suction cup
- Dr skin 9.5 in length dildo, 2.5 in diameter, suction cup
- Anal hook
- Set of three training anal plugs, metal
- Will have tweezer nipple clips with chain
- Anal grommet, see through
- Fishnet bodysuits, lingerie with no cup, crotchless lingerie, mostly in black

Kink Limits

Hard limit
- saving any of my pictures or videos and distributing them is a very hard limit. Anything I send I will assume is being deleted and or kept private and deleted at the time of the ending of our D/s interactions.
- Lil/baby play or age play
- Puppy play or pet play
- No TPE
- No input on diet, makeup, hair, ect. This is for strictly sexual submission.
- No ass to mouth
- No licking pussy juices off my hand
- Anal penetration/fucking
- Degradation
- Humiliation
- knife play,
- spitting,
- deepthroat (cannot learn),
- gagging on cock is a no,
- belt whipping
- Diaper play
- No TPE- has to be repeated
- Also, republican (lol)

Soft limit
- Anal anything except for plugs
- Name calling- we decide on one term (slut, whore, ect.) and use that as my name during play, and only that one.
- Pussy to mouth with toys
I reserve the right to add more at any time, of course.
Interactive toys

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