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Toronto, Canada

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167 cm


47 Kg




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I'm just an average girl with an above average personality. I am brand new in the camming world and I love what I do. Interacting with people is something I specialize in. I am a warm, friendly, intelligent person who is sometimes goofy and full of pun jokes. I am very versatile when it comes to peoples different personalities and I love meeting new people, whether its on cam or in person.

A little about me, I enjoy reading, writing, being active such as surfing, hot yoga and running. I work in Psychology and I enjoy it very much. I also take time to volunteer when I can to help give back. I love being spontaneous and going to random road trips and traveling to new places. I take very good care of my body and believe in living a healthy life style.

When I am not hamming it up on cam, I like to give off a sweet and sultry persona. I am naturally submissive but I have no problem taking the lead when I need to be. I love dominant men and doing what I'm told. I am naturally a people pleaser so seeing you turned on by what you want turns me on. My turn on's include light roughness, being on top and lingerie. I love teasing, edging and building large amounts of anticipation to make the ending mind blowing. ​

I am petite and slender dancer. I have long limbs and legs for days. I have light tanned skin that is silky and smooth. I have soft features with big brown eyes and a warm smile. I have small rounded shoulders which are very kissable and soft and feel very real for being enhanced. I have lovely small feet and my toes and finger nails are always painted.

If you are interested in seeing more of me or getting to know me better feel free to log in to any of sites listed on my contact page and I will be happy to let you know all of my secrets.

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