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Las Vegas, United States

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120 cm


48 Kg



roleplay, dominatrix, findom, joi, cei, sph, cbt, cfnm, fetishes, cuckolding, assworship, strapon, moneyslave, c2c, footworship, ballbusting, pegging, moneypig, sensualdomme, vaping
I'm Mona Deville! Jewish Goddess, Sensual Domme, and FinDom from the City of Sin, Las Vegas Nevada.

I am a naturally beautiful, sensually Dominant American Goddess always on the hunt for new and experienced playthings just like you. Just imagine the many ways you will relinquish control to Me and satisfy that primal need to ultimately give in to a woman like me and my every want, demand, and desire... All live on cam. Indulge your KINKS, Explore SENSUAL DOMINATION, FETISHES, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, and, If you misbehave, a well deserved PUNISHMENT that will leave you begging for more! Experience COMPLETE AND UTTER SUBMISSIVE EUPHORIA as I completely mesmerize you into submission. I'll have my way with you, and you know you want me to!

If you do whatever it takes to please me, like a good sub should, you will experience an EPIC release that only I can give you! 
I know that just one look at Me, My mischievous smile, intoxicating eyes, and petite, all natural scandalous body is more than enough to make you give into Me... But, go ahead and try to resist me... When you finally come to your senses and realize that you are far better off in my powerful hands (than left to your own devices) you'll realize that you're only torturing yourself, and making it so much easier for me to completely own you. So, set yourself free from the burden of not being under my complete control right now, and follow my instructions accordingly....

CONTACT ME RIGHT NOW, BEG TO BOOK A SESSION WITH ME AND DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO PLEASE ME! If you would like to ask more in-depth questions and or require more chat time, a Tribute is Required.

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