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163 cm


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striptease, roleplay, dirtytalk, fetish, milf, kinky, taboo, mature, cuckold, joi, cei, sph, humiliation, gfe, forcedbi, american, strapon, teasing

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All American milf...
Independent, intelligent, and insightful with 13 years of camming rolling around in this devious mind you can undeniably say I have quite a fantasy filled creative life and would simply love to explore your fetishes, fantasies and secrets. I am predominately a soft domme and just love my cucks, sissies, subs, and freak flag flyers with everything they bring to the pleasuredome. Brutally honest with a wickedly sharp tongue that can whisper sweet nothings to you while you stroke or humiliate and shame you without mercy in the same breath depending on your particular fetish and desires.

Intelligent, articulate men are my weakness and an interesting, thought provoking convo with a perceptive mind can make me quiver in the best places. Those unexplained, cerebral and carnal connections will make my fucking toes curl. My topics are vast and the tangents can be endlessly entertaining or lip biting scandalous, so choose your kink of the day and lets take a ride down a long and twisted road together and see where two dirty minds can lead to. No question that playing from home on the down low from the east coast of the US has been quite a journey of memorable, sexy, naughty fun that has excited, entertained and enthralled me! Had more fun than should even be allowed if I am really being honest so don't hesitate to bring me even your kinkiest most hidden desires as I have probably already heard or seen it and if not, well fuck..... I cannot wait to see what new fun you have in store for me.

Roleplay and fetishes are where I love to play and with a few prompts, I hope to turn your fantasy into everything your naughty, bad ass could imagine and more. Think you have taken that fantasy of yours as far as you can? Let me try! The more descriptive and open you are with me the more I can expand upon it. Seeing that cock cum hard is both my particular fetish and the goal so don't hold back on details as I am extremely imaginative and can turn the story on a dime. Im definitely not a hardcore dom and do not do hardcore toy play so If you're simply looking for dildo shows and blowjobs Im probably not your girl however if you need naughty mind driven imagination that runs wild we may be a match.

  • Like to see your wife fucking someone else? Yeah mine did too....tell me what you like about it!
  • Enjoy sucking a dick every once in a while? Of course you do...hidden side incoming!
  • Crave your cum in your mouth? Let me make you eat it or be the cumslut you're supposed to be.
  • Desire a hard one to mount you? Damn I look good when I fuck you or while I order someone else to!
  • Like being used by more than one? Well who wouldn't so tell me about it or let me tell you how you can be used.
  • Words cannot express my utter enjoyment from watching you bust, smash, or squeeze them. Rods always a plus.
  • Is it small? I mean, ridiculously tiny? What a pity...I'm always here to make fun of it!
  • Like showing off in public? Love to join you on an excursion or let me tell you about the adventures I have had with others. Hey there my sneaky ones!!!
  • Is dressing up your thing? Love to see it and show you how a girl needs to be used.
  • Like a filthy mouth talking dirty to you while you stroke? Oh yes, Im quite good at it...sprinkled with a southern accent.
  • Want to burst on my feet after I use them to tease and taunt you? Spread those toes and let it run down the wrinkles..yes!
  • Want to come over and play with the naughty neighbor? Im very quiet, I can even sneak over while she's home!
  • Need to be humilated for being such a pervert? Oh I will do.

Did I mention how much I love to watch?! I mean, I really love it! Don't you??!! So don't hesitate bringing that cam out and show me what our fantasy fueled fun is doing to you, moreover, what I am making you do to yourself! Oh my goodness I like making you do things to yourself that you damn well know you've been craving anyway. That is my biggest turn on and watching you do it for my utter pleasure and amusement is where I derive my satisfaction and have the most fun so bring that here and let me see. Who the fuck doesn't enjoy a good cumshot?? Never can tell when Im turned on enough to pull the vibe out and let you watch me make my toes curl and legs tremble while Im enjoying that spectacular view. Mmmm...we strange animals are just the same.

On a side note, if you value privacy and an experience where there are only the two of us together in the room without others coming in and viewing your private show and listening to you then you have landed in the right place. True exclusive privates are offered here without the unsurity of others reading or hearing your fantasies or secret fetishes and listening to you enjoying yourself. Its crazy that I should have to reinterate this however some places do not allow for such privacy.

Now to those who love to be exposed and shown off.....I get you, see you and really want for you to be seen too...if there is a will there is a way and I love a good circle jerk amongst friends and strangers as long as everyone knows they are participating!

....the bummer rule stuff.....

  • Do not call me before confirming with me or you will be blocked
  • No other methods of payment are accepted... dont even ask
  • I only do shows on skype using only the skype ID shown above on my profile banner.
  • I do not send nor charge for pics or videos unless you have prior notice from me personally. I will never msg you to send you any for a price or a tip unless we have personally discussed it.
  • If Im in a show and cant answer I will get back to you...I work alone...no one to answer my msgs for me and or run my room while Im in a show.
  • Don't dare ask me for a show where I insult or tear down another model. Can't believe I even have to fucking write that.
  • If you are removed from my contact list, it isnt personal. Trust me, you would know if it was as I am not one who is lost for words. You know how to find me here!
  • If you added me and I didnt respond, try again...the cock block is so real and the app is just fucked.

I only do shows on skype via skyprivate using only the Skype ID posted above!

Having fun with fantasy....aint that what its supposed to be about? Yeah well, at least for me it is.


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amazing session

6 days ago

Hot as hell MILF with kinky imagination!

1 week ago

The best show

3 weeks ago

Such a nice women....

3 weeks ago

Kinky, fun, and wild imagination! Great MILF who will make you smile!

1 month ago

Absolutely stunning woman.


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