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Nottingham, United Kingdom
Sexual orientation
Breast size
160 cm
83 Kg
fetish, femdom, domination, findom, mistress, sph, slave, cbt, chastity, submissive, control, sub, queen, dominant, princess, finslave, finsub, brat, ignore, blackmaill
My name is Nikki, you can refer to me as Miss, Mistress, Princess or Goddess.

I'm a 35 year old female Dominatrix, originally from Essex currently living in Egypt!

Established online in 2011 so far from new to the scene. You will also find me on various social media sites aswell. I live the domme lifestyle 24/7, 365 days a year. This isn't just my job this is my life.

I enjoy the extreme, the unusual and the bizarre. I enjoy watching you squirm and suffer at my perfectly manicured hands. I enjoy laughing at your reactions to my sadistic tendencies!

I am not the girl for you if you want a toy show or nudity.
I do NOT get nude in my sessions - please do not embarrass yourself by asking.
I am not here to boost your ego.

You will perform for Me. You will amuse Me.You will obey Me.

This is about ME and not you.

I expect courtesy and politeness at all times. Rudeness will be ignored or severely chastised.

Please and thank you at a bare minimum. Manners cost nothing.

I am highly intelligent - I can spot a scammer or a time waster from a mile off! I will not accept payments outside of SkyPrivate.

As long as you are polite and reasonable, we will have a great time!

Currently accepting applications for finslaves, shopping slaves etc.

What is it like giving up control of what matters the most? Your hard earned money...your livelihood in the hands of someone else...me?

I am a Financial Dominatrix for a reason: I was born to manipulate, humiliate, and abuse idiotic, loser piggies like you.

If you want to become a long term, committed slave, or even just a casual repeat bingeboy, you must trust in My intelligence, My orders, and My plans for you.

I will push you to your limits, and bring you to a point of devotion and addiction you could never have anticipated from yourself. I am inescapable.

There are subs who mistakenly do not put their full trust in My decisions, and they pay dearly for their mistakes, as their minds and bodies become consumed with an overwhelming desire to serve, but they have blown their only chance.

Remember that it is a privilege to be able to serve Me, and you can only achieve a true sense of heightened meaning, enlightenment, and self-satisfaction when you give in all trust and control to Me and My Supreme Dominance.

Tributes are the best way to gain my attention. It shows you are serious about your intent. I will not consider any new paypigs or financial slaves without them making an initial tribute. This shows you are serious about your intent to serve me, and can be counted on to be obedient.

I am an intelligent, demanding goddess who loves being worshipped and spoilt by good little pay pigs. I may look innocent, but don't let that fool you for a second! ;) You will be severely underestimating the power and control I am able to assert over you.

One thing you need to understand I don't NEED your money I want it there is a difference. I can pay my own bills, I don't need you to pay them. You should want to pay them!

You get off on giving me your money and I enjoy spending it!

Some of the other things I'm into include orgasm control, chastity, edging, cum tax (taxes in general really), findom games, bondage, worship (of me), foot worship, cuckolding, sph, and occasional consensual blackmail with the right sub. I would also be open to total control of all finances (with the right sub and obviously over time) and everything in between.

This Princess wants and deserves spoiling. I have very good taste and love presents and gifts from my little slave bitches.

I have a few Financial Slave positions available. Well behaved slaves will be rewarded.

Online humiliation is my forte! I can think of an array of tasks for you from humiliating to down right sick and twisted!! And as your Mistress you will of course obey me or there will be further punishment!!

I can be found on cam most days, I do not have a set schedule but you can usually find me on here from around 11am to 11pm.

Activities and topics covered in webcam include, and are not limited to:
Foot Fetish/Worship
SPH (small penis humiliation)
Verbal Humiliation
Sissification and Feminisation
Financial Domination and Wallet Draining
JOI (jerk off instruction) and CEI (CUM EATING INSTRUCTION)
Orgasm Denial and Edging
High Heels
Chastity (monthly keyholding service available - please email
any other fetish you can think of...
Again, you will address Me as Mistress, Goddess or Princess at all times. Rudeness will not be tolerated and you will find yourself blocked for it. Tell Me what you are into and let's make it happen! I also like to watch what YOU are doing, to make sure you are obeying Me and doing as I say.

I want to treat you like dirt! I want to use and abuse you!
I want you to make a fool of yourself just for me!
I want you to worship the ground that I walk on! Because thats the very least that I deserve!

Want me to own you?
Want me to blackmail you?
Want me to bully you?
Want me to humiliate you?

Then you needn't look any further ;)

Bring all your weird and wonderful fetishes to me, I am unshockable! I do not endorse anything that will break the law, I will NOT talk about anyone under age.

I have a few roles available right now for online, daily slaves. You will be owned by me and you will have daily tasks to complete. You will have daily contact with me and punishment and rewards will be given. My slaves only masturbate with permission so be prepared to hand your cock over to me. I will own it and you will beg to touch it. Wank Tax will also be in place.


Princess loves to lock away those pathetic, silly little cocks and you need to be dominated by a sadistic but fair Princess.
Being in Chastity with me you will be a locked cock. I like to see my chastity slaves once a week either in person or online via cam. I would advise you to have the CB-X range as I believe they are the most reliable, comfortable and undetectable.


Blackmail slaves need to understand you will be treat badly, tricked and played with. You may be blackmailed financially or physically. You will need to contact me before anything is agreed. I will not blackmail before you have proven you are genuine.

Remember I am not here to do toy shows, flash my tits or talk sex!

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