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Athens, Greece

Sexual orientation










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170 cm


67 Kg





roleplay, fetish, heels, hairy, findom, bigass, joi, cei, bdsm, mistress, sph, stockings, latex, bondage, cbt, leather, nylon, submissive, fendom, hardcore


I'm VeraParadis, a spirited newcomer, brimming with excitement as I venture into this captivating realm. My enthusiasm knows no bounds—I'm like a sponge, absorbing every thrilling aspect of this industry. An open mind? That's my mantra. I’m deeply passionate about erotic art, finding sheer beauty in the exploration of sensuality and the human form. It's not just a fascination; it's an art form that speaks volumes to me.

Art is my heartbeat! The canvas, the sculpture, the human body—each a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. I revel in the strokes of creativity that intertwine with the diverse forms of our existence. Languages? Ah, they’re my playground. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, I weave connections effortlessly across cultures and continents.

My curiosity? Insatiable. I’m on an unending quest to meet new souls, absorb fresh cultures, and unravel unique ways of thinking. Every encounter, every conversation is an exploration—an opportunity to uncover uncharted desires and nuances. I thrive on these connections, learning from each and every interaction.

Join me on this exhilarating journey where boundaries fade, and passions ignite. Let's unravel the tapestry of desires, celebrate the mosaic of cultures, and create an exquisite symphony of shared experiences. Together, let's craft moments that transcend the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary!

My show

As I have said i am open minded and so enthusiastic about each and every proposal thats why is important to talk to me before calling so I know what are you into. But what I do for sure here is : striptease ,nude show , roleplay , blowjob ,pussy play - fingering also using toys , anal and live orgasm guarateed

My fetishes

I am into fetish part of live caming so in my shows you can always ask for CEI , JOI , CBT ,SPH ,sissy traing , findom , femdom ,footfetish , latex ,leather ,BDSM and most desired bondage play
I am a switch so I can anytime be your Mistress but also your SUB and I am incredible at both of them .

Room rules
Let's chat about some ground rules. I know, rules can be a drag, but trust me, they're the secret sauce for our community's harmony.

No Freebies, No Charity: I adore sharing special promos with you, and I promise, you'll know about each one through my messages. But let's keep it clear—no free rides. Your support means the world.

Respect Our Time Together: Time is our most precious currency. If you're not here to dive into engaging, paid interactions, let's not waste each other's time.

Communication Is the Key: Before hitting that call button, let's chat about the show details. Clear communication paves the way for a stellar experience.

Commitment Matters: Once we've set our path, let's stick to it. No chargebacks, unless it's a tech glitch from my end. I've got your back in those cases, promise.

Payment Methods Stay Put: We're all about following the platform's payment methods—prepaid or paid by the minute. Keeps things smooth and reliable.

These guidelines aren't about restrictions; they're about ensuring our interactions are seamless and enjoyable for all involved. Your support and understanding mean everything. Let's create magic together!

Let's talk about what’s on offer. While there are things within the price you see on my profile, some special experiences may require an extra tip in prepaid. I've got a list ready for you, detailing what falls under that category.

But here's the deal: if there's something you desire that isn't on my profile, no worries! Ask away, even if it seems trivial. Trust me, where there's a will, there's a way (and yes, everything comes with a price).

I'm here to make your experience unforgettable, so let's chat about those desires and make them a reality. Your satisfaction is key, and I'm all ears for your fantasies!

Lovense control - 1$/min extra price I ve got Lush ,Hush , Gravity ,Gemini ,Flexer ,Feri
Special Roleplay - ask away the kind of roleplay you desire and I am telling you how much does it costs .
Taboos - ask away

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1 week ago

Thank you!

1 month ago

Outstanding. Intelligent and sexy. The time flies by.

1 month ago

What a wonderful connection!

1 month ago

always a new experience

1 month ago

By far the best I've ever experienced here. She's incredible

2 months ago

Oh man... soo good.

2 months ago

She's the greatest...

3 months ago

She is my absolutely favourite. Naughty georgous sinn

3 months ago

Bellissima ragazza con uno stupendo pelo al centro del quale lei sa toccarsi molto bene rendendola molto bagnata

3 months ago

she knows how to turn you on, her curvy body is hot

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