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unknown, Ukraine


170 cm


50 Kg

Hello :) My name is Roxy :)

First of all u have to know about me that i am here to have fun, relax and enjoy your company :) Id like to ask you not to act like a total dick, dont make me act like a bitch, i dont like being mean, but i will if i have to.
I m an optimistic person, always have a smile to share, i like being in a great mood, and so i am, so let s not mess that , ok?
Be nice, say "hi" when u come in my chatroom not "stand up" or "show ass" i m not ur trained dog , and all u ll do will be to piss me off, of course u will get kicked out of my room, i dont need any apologize, i dont forgive easily :) so let s not get there!
I like to have a normal conversation, i like to have fun, but not with any jerks who think women are stupid and slaves, rude stuff!

Try to understand that i am human as well, i m not a porn star, i m totally normal, and i like healthy stuf, not like puking in pvt or making pee or whatevere other sick stuff some people ask, i dont want such guys in my chatroom and i dont accept such requests.NORMAL is the key word:)
When i a not here i like to read, like a lot, i m smth like a book worm, i spend most of the time inside, not really a fan of going out :P

When i don t read i clean, iron clothes, cook and other stuff like that :)) and yea, this stuff i do here , is my only job :)
I like making friends here, i been a model here since i was 19 or so, and really made lot of friends :x which is awsome :D
I really dont know what to say more about me, better come and find out :D

What i do in private: pussy play, anal, cumming, outfits, dancing, striptease, feet show, spanking, role plays, pantyhose, stockings,dirty talk,moaning, ATM, tits play

Let s be nice one to each other please do not beg , insist or insult, do not ask me things for free, do not treat me as ur trained dog, these all will piss me off

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