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Москва, Russia

Sexual orientation










Breast size



160 cm


52 Kg



bigtits, blowjob, dirtytalk, cuckold, mistress, slave, closeup, worship, biglips, hotbody, sexyeyes, attractive, brainwashing, luxurious, goddes, sexymommy, worshipbigtits, bbslover, sexhypnosis, losecontrol
Hello, I am the same Russian lady with character that you have heard about!
I can have sex with your mind without taking off my panties!
I fuck and wash him like the dirtiest and most emotional porn movie...
My name is MARISHKA, you will call me goddess, mistress, mommyy, and for some sisi bbgirl and princes I am daddyy with a big,thick cock...
I'm here to turn off your brain and turn on your animal! Let's start mind games!

But first of all I want to thank you so much for choosing me. I appreciate it and promise that with me you will always feel better than ever!
Well, now a little about me:

I am a work of art for true connoisseurs!!!

I am sex in its purest form!!! My dogs need to spend time with me and get their tastiest catch! Mom's instructions are the best because they turn pathetic weak dogs into real heroes in real life.
Passion, fire, confidence, sensuality, sexuality, magnetism, strength, calm, the energy of an exceptional goddess, a hypnotically intoxicating voice - all this for my special men!
I will disarm you as soon as you call and see me, too luxurious, too hot and so kinky.
who needs a sexy mom with big fake boobs so much? I'm here:) such a kind, sweet, gentle and very manipulative;)

all my men have been with me for many many years...
They come back to me again and again,because there is no one better than me! I am your strongest and most powerful addiction and weakness, you lose control in a couple of seconds;)
So The best men choose special women. all you need is me .. (I'm not bragging, this is a fact that you should know! )

Many women imitate the role of a woman, they don’t even imagine how divinely wonderful it is to truly feel like a real woman, a goddess!
I know this, I feel it and I enjoy and revel in my femininity and power over men.

I love watching your every pleasure and orgasm! But i also control your pleasures and decide when you cum...
I will dissolve your ego I will destroy your ego so after you will feel relief...

oh yeah, you probably want to know what really turns me on?! It's men dreamers..men with a well-developed imagination! sense of humor! mind games!Money!Sperm!

About my life outside the show:
I am a businesswoman and I create the best sexy lingerie for Russian women! I practice hypnosiss and meditation, I am constantly developing spiritually! I study vocals and play the piano, I’m terrible at sight reading, but I love to improvise, I can’t live without sports and travel! I love my two fluffy cats Jessica and Misha) Now I’m planning to paint my energy picture, I devote a lot of time to cosmetology so that my face and body are perfect! once every 3 months I prefer to travel. I have several women's fetishes - perfume, high heels, jewelry, expensive clothes, i love everything related to genuine leather and latex.. and flowers omgg i love flowers in my house non-stop

My talents:

looking forward to our meeting in the most luxurious and unforgettable show ;)
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4 months ago

Goddess makes me the weakest puppy

4 months ago

Superb as always,amazing time with this model.High class,great attitude!

7 months ago

Amazing A natural Beauty!!!!!

8 months ago

She is a legendary lover goddess!


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