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N/A, France
Sexual orientation
Breast size
173 cm
58 Kg
roleplay, fetish, heels, findom, fantasy, joi, cei, sissy, boots, cbt, dom, hypnosis, blackmail, spit, humilation, outfits, misstress, spoil, toiletgames, cockold

**100% Real Mistress Of All Mistress. Im The Queen Of Your Mind, Bondage, foot & ass worship, armpits, nylons, panties, cross dressing, chastity, strapon, blindfolds, mummification, cbt, humiliation and more. As you have already gathered I am a naturally dominant, POWERFULL woman with curves in all the right places!!!!!! - I am not some stick insect that would break in a strong wind, I am the essence of all that is female, and I know the power I have over men.

From now on, you will refer to me as AnastasiaDomme and bow your head when you say it. If you are alone you will kneel before me - and although you will undoubtedly play with your pathetic maggot while you read this you may NOT cum without my express permission!!!!!
Now say "Yes Mistress Anastasia !" before you read on.....

As you have already gathered I am a naturally dominant, POWERFULL woman with curves in all the right places!!!!!! - I am not some stick insect that would break in a strong wind, I am the essence of all that is female, and I know the power I have over men. I am the kind of woman that will never notice you, the arrogant sexy bitch that makes your breath catch as I pass. YOU are one of the men that covers themselves and cowers as I walk by, hoping I don't see the pathetic erection that has started in your pants just from being in my presence, or the look of lust and terror that appears in your eyes before your head drops in deference to the floor, and you stare at my heels as I strut past..
I enjoy my natural dominination over men like you. We both know that your greatest achievement in life would be being owned by a woman like me, to serve and attempt to please me, to join the throng of men I have already broken, and become another slave at my feet. After all, I am in control - You exist, purely and only, to serve and obey me!
HOWEVER, there are many that wish to serve me, and not all are worthy... or capable. There are a number of positions currently available in my virtual slave stable - so the question becomes, when you contact me and beg to become my property and wear my collar... what type of slave will you become...?
Remember to mention RESPECTFULLY what you are interested in when you grovel for my time.

Games that I enjoy with the subs who come to me include (but are not limited to)...

JOI - get your tiny dicklet in your hands and get on your knees before AnastasiaDomme. I will tell you what to do and when for my amusement

CEI - Well, if you're going to make a mess, don't think I won't insist that you clean it up, whether from your hand, the toe of my boot, or the floor at my feet...

SPH - I like my MEN big, but let's face it, you're such a pathetic excuse that you barely count, let's get that tiny penis out here so that I can have a good laugh... humiliating at you small dicked losers is something that always brings a smile to my face, and you want me to be happy, don't you slave...?

Chastity - I will own that cock, just like I own many others, and you will join the throng of men whose sexual release is completely controlled by me. I love the rush I get from taking control of your very "manhood". It turns me on knowing I have men around the world spending every waking moment thinking how they can please me, with their cocks permanently hard in my honour. I think about how frustrated my enslaved pets are, completely denied until I decide otherwise, and no matter how hard they try there's nothing they can do about it, other than kneel before the power of Mistress and beg and beg and beg….

Tease and Denial - I like to edging... bringing my slaves to the edge of madness over and over again as I torment them with My sensuality, sexuality, and devilish imagination, but never granting them release...

There's nothing I love more than hearing my boys beg at my feet, in fact, I can cum just listening to their begging as they kneel there, falling ever further under my spell, before I dismiss them, even more frustrated, and even hornier having been in the presence of their sexual goddess Mistress Anastasia.

Cuckolding - For the true slaves that can show their utter devotion and total submission. Could you serve Me and My partners drinks, could you kneel head bowed by my bed while I enjoyed My Lovers, when I click my fingers would you beg to crawl to my bed to lap away the traces of sex from me before bringing me to orgasm with your tongue, never receiving release yourself, simply accepting your place as my toy... my possession... my slave? Perhaps then this form of sexual slavery is something we should discuss...

Mind Control - You have already read much of my profile - the process has already begun, once we talk you will be lost forever. I will enter your mind and explore your deepest psyche, your darkest desires and hidden fears. I will reshape your mind and urges as I desire, breaking your will, reshaping your sexual identity around me, turning you into my helpless puppet. You will crave me more and more, I will haunt your thoughts and you will end up begging for my attention... I love watching as you get to the stage where you will do anything I want just in the hope that you might make me happy - helpless against my power over you, unable to avoid the tourture, agony and frustration you undergo just to please me. After the initial frustrating couple of weeks, you will become more obedient than ever, and your ultimate aim will be to please me. You'll think of me each time your pulse races. It'll be MY will controlling your thoughts and actions - MY control over you as a man at all times, I will own you. So think carefully... are you ready to enter a world where you are owned and controlled FULLY by your goddess..?

Sissy slaves: Do you ever dreamed wearing silk panties, bra, lipstick? I will make you my slut. I have a nice strap-on waiting to use it on your mouth and ass.


4 months ago


5 months ago

Perfect superior

7 months ago

Out of the world

7 months ago

Absolutely amazing!

1 year ago


1 year ago

truly 5 star. She is very creative

1 year ago

I feel well used and happy.

1 year ago

Amazing mistress

2 years ago

amazing tall mistress..

2 years ago

a great ladymistress

2 years ago

a great woman, i like her, especially as mistress

2 years ago

Great session with a dominant woman.

2 years ago

Love mistress

2 years ago

a great lady

2 years ago

wicked and beautiful

3 years ago

An experienced Mistress who can push you.

3 years ago

i don't know why, but i like her more and more

3 years ago

Waste of money and time did nothing and wouldn’t refund even after technical difficulties

3 years ago

Quickest EVER!

3 years ago

An experienced Mistress who understands how to be a Domme. CFNM.

3 years ago

Supreme woman!

3 years ago

Wow - so hypnotic

4 years ago

So sexy, seductive and dominant. She keeps me coming back =)

4 years ago

This is the most beautiful domme you'll ever serve. Commanding, gorgeous, and always willing to fulfill your fantasy. Don't miss this one.

4 years ago

very excited to start another experience with here

4 years ago

Short call, but worth it. She's an extremely erotic dominant woman.

4 years ago

very strict Mistress, with sweet voice and mesmerizing eyes

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