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Riga, Latvia
Orientación Sexual
171 cm
56 Kg
roleplay, toys, teen, masturbation, hot, blonde, slim, playful, new, delicious

Hello :)
If you are not into too many letters fetish and want to move from rhetoric to action, but you are not quite sure if I am the right lady - the next chapter is for you ;)


First of all, I’m a model who gets fully naked, if that’s what you concern about. I can get straight to the action or start with slow teasing, itching your imagination. I have lots of space in my room, so you can watch me dancing full-body. Dirty talk is a great turn on for me, I love whispering naughty things and love when you tickle my ears in response. I also give all kinds of instructions (joi, cei, feminization) and do various role playing. And don’t worry about my English, I was a good girl at school and I can speak fluently.
My favorite outfit for streaming is sexy lingerie, so it’s easy to catch me wearing lace and stockings. But! We can always discuss what you want me to put on before the call, my wardrobe is kind of magic Narnia.
I think that pleasing yourself gets more fun when you use toys, that’s why I have a box of helpers. I can use Lush, Domi, Hush (by Lovense) and give you the opportunity to control any of these toys via app.
If I could describe my show in 3 words, it would be: emotional, sensual, soulful. I am that kind of a performer who gives herself completely to the show and to the partner. So, be sure, I will be totally engaged in the dialogue of our minds and bodies. I don’t like to spread myself too thin and prefer to build strong connection with my partners.

PS. I have a talisman owl. She lives in my room. Please, don’t be scared. She brings luck and grants wishes.

If you managed first chapter and want to know me a bit better, you are welcome to Chapter 2.


I know that it may be hard to call a stranger after seeing just a bunch of photos. I totally understand it. So, let me help you.
Let’s pretend we’ve already met. Just once. Last Saturday, for example. We met in some neon bar, shared a bottle of wine and had some blueberry pie. I left you my number on the tissue. But before… I told you something.
I told you that I love art, that I’m photography and cinema nerd. I swim and play guitar. I also play computer games from time to time and get really mad when I loose. I love gifts, especially perfume and white roses.
I love long talks about everything and nothing till sunrise, love the smell of new books and white wine, tangerines and dinosaurs, candles and gingerbread. I love the smell of the asphalt after rain and cheese soup, I love cats and beavers, jazz and rock, red color and pomegranate juice. I love to stay awake till the dead of night and cook pasta. I love black-and-white photos and cheese with honey, lizards and hedgehogs, plants and fragrance of wood.
That’s what I told you. And I have much more to tell. I left you my number on the tissue. So… Call me maybe? :) If you liked my profile and want to add me, but don’t have Skyprivate account yet, use this link to create it.


1 month ago

Stephany is amazingly hot! Very sexy body and voice. Give her a call!

1 month ago

Very good performer..very sexy and gorgeous legs. Moved to the top of my list.

1 month ago

simply amazing!

1 month ago

Wonderful woman with a great body. My best experience yet

1 month ago

Super nice

1 month ago


2 months ago

what a nice lady

2 months ago

Stephany is the most beautiful woman i ever seen i treasured our moment she make it so special.

2 months ago

Stephany is amazing. Perfect English, elegant, and naughty all at the same time.

2 months ago

best ever

2 months ago

wow best call ever!!!

3 months ago

One of the sweetest people I've encountered here. Treat her right, respect her boundaries and you're in for one of the best times ever.

3 months ago

Incredibly beautiful and sensual, completed by a wonderful personality. Perfect.

3 months ago


3 months ago

Very beautiful but little bit boring, she can do much more. There were no dildo, she was grudgingly,,,

4 months ago

absolute goddess. In love with her!

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