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Строение тела
Размер груди
180 cm
80 Kg
deepthroat, bigtits, blowjob, roleplay, sex, sexy, fetish, taboo, fuck, couple, cuckold, feet, cei, sph, hot, handjob, foot, spe, single, himulation

** Hello everyone my name is Erika. Please read before add me!
I'm very open minded young girl. Freshly married, but this just shows even more my naughty side.
I'm very tolerance, but please don't test my patience.
Don't hesitate to tell me your fantasies no matter how pervert they are. I can make them true.
But also don’t forget that this is my job and nothing will be for free. Please, respect that!
Of course if you show respect i can give you some bonuses in the show, but please don't expect too much!
Some of the things that i do:

**All types of fetish, roleplay etc. - 2$/min. The price is basic and depends from the fetish or the roleplay that you want so please ask me first.

** Sexting with pics - 1$/min

** Sexting with short videos - 2$/min

Domination shows:

All type CEI, JOI, Femdom, Findom, Worship etc. - 2$/min

** Couple shows:
Blowjob without cumshot - 2$min
Blowjob with cumshot - 2$/min+60$ on prepay
Swallow cum - 2$/min + 100$
Fucking show without cumshot - 2$/min
Fucking show with cumshot (not in pussy!) - 2$/min + 60$ on prepay

All types of roleplay - 2$/min

Anal is available only with my partner (no toys!) - 150$ for 10 min show without cumshot, with cumshot add 60$

**Anal plug is an option that can be added on all type of shows just add 10$ on prepay (i will put it in once don't expect repeating penetrations).

Most of the prices are much more basic just to be used as starting point not final price. I keep my option to higher or lower them depends how you treat me.
If you show respect i will do the same and we can consider an option that will please both of us.
But don't become beggars! The discount will be in reasonable limits.
I don't want to seem rude, but i believe that no one of you work for free so don’t expect that from me.
I believe there is much more things then the counted above that we can make together.
So don't hesitate and tell me what you want to see no matter how kinky, pervert or strange is your fantasy (i will never judge you!)
and we will discuss the price and the details.

And last, how you can join my block list:
Just to mention that i'm always open for some little chat for normal daily stuff, but please don’t push too much the limits.
If i suspect that you wasting my time with pointless talking and you never before purchase a show i will block you!
Before you ask me questions about my shows please read again my profile info! You might find the answer you searching for.
Otherwise it means that you don't respect me and that means block 99% of the cases!
I don't explain, i don't make compromises with my peace of mind, i will just block you! And i don't give second chances, if you are blocked once you are blocked forever! So please don't waste your time to beg me or your money to tip me from another profile i won't change my mind! And once i suspect that you are blocked with another profile i will block the new one too!
Random calls (calling without saying a word before that) 100% BLOCK!!!

Generally i'm nice girl, but for more then 4 years in this industry i faced too much disrespectful people and i learned just to ignore them.

Ok enough talk, lets work!



1 month ago

Always Great. Listens & Speaks Excellent English.

3 months ago

Very nice girl, great show.

4 months ago

Had a great show! Just what i was looking for and needed at the time. Super sexy and fun! Will visit again!

8 months ago

Mesmerising, creative, genuinely enjoy playing on cam.

10 months ago

Great couple, amazing as always... she is so sexyy!!

11 months ago

she didn't complete the show

1 year ago

Sexy woman, really hot chat x

1 year ago


1 year ago

Very sweet, very nice, very pretty.

1 year ago

Very good english and dirty talk

1 year ago

Insanely beautiful and busty. Love her body so much

1 year ago

So sexy. Gorgeous body

1 year ago

very sexy body, friendly and accommodating

1 year ago

awesome video quality.. very sexy chick ;)

2 years ago

Great show ! I made the simple request when I messaged her which she executed perfectly ! She even did more than I asked for and I loved it !!

2 years ago

bad audio, not my thing

2 years ago

Exceptional Lady

2 years ago

Top performance from the model.

2 years ago

Guaranteed great time! Love her eyes and smile!

2 years ago

True to her pictures, she does a great show

2 years ago

really good a great tease

2 years ago

Poor connection

2 years ago

fast and amazing show!

2 years ago

just awesome !!!

2 years ago

Next time I will see your ring????

2 years ago

so great Im in love :)

2 years ago

Super !

2 years ago

Great call, sexy accent. If you like 'em curvy this is for you.

3 years ago

She was gorgeous, spoke perfect and clean english. good dirty talk and made me cum in under 5 minutes shes amazing

3 years ago

so good!

3 years ago



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