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+++**hi Gents! I am available on Sundays from 11am to 1pm EST ONLY. If I am not available on any Sunday at that time, you will find an updated reason here: http://msresa.com/skype/

Unfortunately, I am unable to accept appointments as noted below. Also, if you feel the need to hide yourself on cam (covering up your cam) kindly contact another skyprivate model.

+++** See you Sunday from 11am to 1pm soon! Mmuah!

---I cannot do appointments. My normal scheduled hours are Sunday 11am - 1pm EST unless otherwise noted. Thanks :) You can always contact, call or reach me at my site, https://msresa.com/chat-now/ Subscriptions will be opening soon! http://www.msresa.com. --- ****

Gentlemen, you are requesting the time of a Nubian Princess.
That means I am warm, sensual, bubbly and kind by nature. I am an attentive companion whether it be from sharing a very intimate girlfriend experience (which I really like!) wearing just what you may request to listening to that hidden secret that no one knows about but you. You can find out more about me here: http://www.msresa.com

Five (5) things I will share with you on cam:

  1. Face to Face (if you are hiding your cam, kindly contact another skyprivate model)
  2. Fantastically wonderful GFE
  3. Intelligent discussion about sexy issues or any other thoughts?
  4. An Erotic Fantasy Show with or without music
  5. Cute and sexy Foot play
  6. Share Sexy Secrets

What's your pleasure?

Remember, you are requesting to spend time with a Nubian Princess, a fantasy model. That means you are in the presence of an attractive woman who is highly respected, treated with special attention, and sexy kindness.

Therefore, the nine (9) items below I will not entertain with you on cam:

  1. Racial slurs are strictly prohibited. But I know you already knew that.
  2. Requesting to hide your cam from my view
  3. Requesting to dominate me
  4. Requesting other pay avenues or free previews-there are plenty of free images below just for you!!
  5. Requesting that either of us break any of the rules
  6. Requesting that I use or I enjoy hearing language like 'ass-fuck-tits-pussy-cunt' (eesh).
  7. Requesting bathroom fetishes (bless your heart)
  8. Requesting to meet me off of cam.
  9. Requesting anything to do with animals will get you banned from skype.

I think we are good now! We will give each other the fantasy we need/want so make sure you are serious when you are requesting our time together. Skype Me! :)

To find out more about me or view upcoming movies go to http://www.msresa.com

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4 years ago

I had a awesome time, she is so nice wonderful personality. Absolutely beautiful and sexy as hell. I loved it, loved it

4 years ago

Best Experience ever

5 years ago

Wow. What can I say? This is a very hot milf. She have a very hot and sexy body. I like this lady xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5 years ago

Delighted again to see her.

5 years ago

Princess is a bright lady with a sparkling personality. She has a seemingly ageless beauty and when combined with her her sharp interpersonal skills, it makes her irresistible to me. I would seek her company under any circumstances.

5 years ago

She's a wonderful lady that knows how to make you feel great

5 years ago

The sweetest most beautiful woman ever

6 years ago

She is a beautiful woman and a wonderful person!

6 years ago

she is truely the best love this beautiful lady

6 years ago


7 years ago

the best love love this lady

7 years ago

great time always


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